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  • Roderick Wash

NightClub Bar Expo Covention 2017 Recap Article Blog

Date Of The Event March 28-29 2017 Location Las Vegas Convention Center Showcase The Latest Presentations In Nightclub Industry With Gear, DJs, Drinks, Machines And Others Applications.

Show Guide Overview

Exhibit Hall Floor, F&B Innovation Center, Craft Brew Pavilion, Emerging Brands Pavilion, New Product Pavilion, Keynotes, Shake It Up Competition & Welcome Kickoff Party Ticket For Three Day Event

. Overs 600 Suppliers Promotion ⦁ Bar Supplies ⦁ Nightlife Industry ⦁ Food Serice Equipment ⦁ Marketing And Promotions ⦁ Media Apps ⦁ Music & Video Entertainment (Lighting And Sound) ⦁ Conference Overview Classes & Training ⦁ Nightlife PLATINUM PARTiESTo The Nightclubs ⦁ Monday Kickoff Party At Marquee (ARIA) ⦁ Tuesday Club Omina (Caesars Palace) ⦁ Wednesday Club Surrender (Wynn) ⦁ Workshops ⦁ Back Of The House (Behind The Scenes Of Running A Nightclub Process) ⦁ Bootcamp ⦁ Certifications ⦁ Welcome Kickoff Party ⦁ Keyone Presentations ⦁ Picture Recap And Video Highlight Reel

Nightclub Bar Expo High Light Reell

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