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Global Gaming Expo G2E Presented By American Gaming Association

Cintas Fashion Runway Showcase Captures

Stay Connected On Facebook, Instragram And Linkedin & Youtube & Twitter Location: Sand Expo & Convention Exhibit Hall 3 Day Event From Oct 2-5 2018 Website #G2E2018

About Global Gaming Expo Showcase The Casino-Entertainment Industry With The Latest Technologies, Services And Products From Exhibitors providing networking, business, marketing learning with education classes and keynote presentations.

Press Release Breakdown Showcase

  • Education And Keynote Presentations Each Day With Industry Professionals

  • Exclusive Media Panels E-Sports And Skill-Based Games discuss the impacting the casino gaming industry through current development with offline and online betting games.

  • Demographic Shows Ages Between 21-25 Group Bracket For Online Gaming Contest With Sports Books Mobile And Online Bets

  • Entry Fee For Online Games Touraments

  • Gaming Insider US Sports Gaming With Basketball, Football & Baseball And Others

  • In Depth Analysis For The Gaming Industry

  • Mobile Apps Demo Presentation For Global Gaming Expo And Giveaways & Prizes

  • The Power Of Networking And Career Growth

  • Global Gaming Awards Luncheon

  • Open Cermony For Global Gaming Expo

  • G2E Welcome Reception

  • Cintas Fashion Show Features Two Shows 1:00-200PM 3:00-400 PM

  • AGEM Awards And Casino Entertaiment Awards

  • Pixel Pro JCM Global Online Gaming With Street Fighter V Playstation Game Concole With On Game Commentary Live With Sponsored Gamers

  • In Development A New Venue At Luxor Hotel For Online Gaming

  • Research With Casino Guide To ESports Opportunies (Covers The Demographic Research And Market Size Numbers

  • Skin Gaming A New Introduction of Markets For Betting Skins-Digital Items From Video Games

  • Social Casinos Daily Fantasy Sports And Gambling-Related Research Areas

Product Breakdown Presentations

⦁ Air Quality And Design ⦁ Finance Products & Supplies ⦁ Casino Market ⦁ Business Services ⦁ Food & Beverage Products & Service ⦁ Hotel Operation & Marketing ⦁ Slot/Gaming Machines & Componets ⦁ Table Games ⦁ Travel Services

Features Panelists With Q&A Media Panels Explore Esports And Skill Games Discuss How Esports Is Impacting The Casino-Gaming One Hour Session 11:30-12:30 PM Tuesday Oct 3

Location G2E Press Office

⦁ Jason Cribbs, VP Of Sales for JCM Global ⦁ Kingsley Edwards, VP Of Devolopment Unikrn ⦁ Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports Internationational ⦁ Lovell Walker, Executive Director Of Interactive Gaming Development At MGM Resorts International ⦁ Chris Grove-Moderator, Co-Direcotor Of The Nevada Esports Alliance ⦁ Katelyn Mixer Provider For Information For Upcoming Releases And Events Throughout The Show ⦁ Eilers & KIrejcik Gaming

Keynote Sessions And Education

  • Business Opportunities And Obstacles

  • Gaming Leadership

  • Revenue And Security & Surveillance Institute

  • Evolution Of Game Play

  • Tribal Gaming

  • Optimizing Operations

New Additions At The Global Gaming Expo G2E Presentations

4D Slot Machines With Wheel Of Fortune And Others Music Slot Machines EVERI-Self Service Kiosks Machines V.R. Gaming Tournament Online Competitors Contest With Prizes And Money Giveaways From Latest Venues Presentation Clenti Fashion Show Presentation Showcase The Latest Fashion Wear Located The Main Floor Komani Beat Square Slot Machines Gamblit Gaming Features Pac Man 4 on 4 Gamplay Bingo Slot Machines Race Ace Skill Driving Makers With Las Vegas Motor Speedway 4K Film Projectors By Canon Presentation With Car Demo Racing Games Earvin Magic Johnson Keynote Show Floor Special Events Stage (Hall D)

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