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  • By Roderick Wash

The Streets NAB Show Full Recap

NAB (National Association Broadcast) Showcase The Latest Technology In Television Industry it became a international global event around the United States. For In The Future Is Toward To 4K, Video Post Production, VR, Sports And Media And Broadcasting. I attended and covered NAB Show For Three Years And Always Have New Products And Exhibitors. For More Information Can Check Out NAB Mobile App, Facebook, Instagram And Twitter For Recent News And Updates.

The Location Of The Show located Las Vegas Convention Center. 3 Day Event

  • Networking

  • Entertainment

  • Classes

  • Meet And Great Industry Professionals

  • Keynotes

  • MET Effect (Media Entertainment Technology)

  • Product Presentation And Demonstrates

  • Workshops

  • News And Broadcasting Professional From CNN, NBC, TNT And Other Media Outlets

Latest Stand Out Products

Sony A9 Full Frame Camera Specs

  • 24 Mega Pixels Full 35mm Sensor

  • Shoots 20 Frames Per Second

  • Silent Shutter To Take Pictures

  • Shot 4K And 1080i

  • Ideal For Sport And Wedding Photography

  • Television Post Production Equipment

  • Westcott LED Lighting

  • 4K Television

  • VR

  • Broadcasting Engineering

  • Media Finance

  • Online Streaming Promote Media Outlet

  • Press Conferences

  • Sports And Media (Intel, IBM, Verizon And Others.

  • Video Production Equipment

For Information About The Check Out NAB Website for Updates And Registration For Next Show In New York City.

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